I, Geno Miller, live for solving problems that lead to positive change in peoples’ lives.

Hey, I’m co-founder of shtudy, Geno Miller and I’ve come a long way from the ‘nitty, gritty, and pretty’ Prince George’s County, Maryland.

PG county is about 5 minutes outside of Washington, D.C. Overcoming a violent, drug-ridden city environment wasn’t easy. But I made it out by the grace of God and my parents. Now I help others like me and you do the same.

I’ve been selected as a Camelback Ventures fellow and was named a ‘Top Emerging Business Leader to Watch’ on Medium. I deeply love scaling companies, mac n’ cheese, and music. I’ve been a serial entrepreneur utilizing digital marketing to generate substantial revenue since age 14. And if you ask anyone else, they say you’ll usually find Geno Miller “in the trenches.”

I have performed as a keynote speaker at many nationwide startup conferences and universities. Also, I served as an entrepreneurial advisor for some of the most successful government members and business lawyers in China.

Geno Miller, passionate about diversity recruiting

I earned my B.S. in Business Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of New Hampshire. where I won over $80k in funding, was a leader in the UNH E-Center, helped establish the Peter T. Paul Business School of Economics national leader in entrepreneurship, and played D1 football on a full scholarship.

I’m Passionate about diversity recruiting

I am passionate about helping companies increase diversity in their workforce and understand that this is not only a moral imperative but also a business one. Diverse teams make better decisions, are more creative, and drive innovation. I have experience working with companies of all sizes and industries and can help them attract, retain and promote a diverse workforce.

As a diversity recruiting expert, I understand the importance of creating an inclusive and equitable workplace. I know that diverse teams lead to more innovative and successful companies. I have implemented effective strategies for sourcing, diversity recruiting, and hiring underrepresented groups to help companies build stronger, more diverse teams.

Oh, and I have a weird obsession with Fiji water. In my leisure time, you can catch me listening to Jay-Z, reading a book about Ray Dalio, or brainstorming with other passionate tech founders and changemakers. 

Co-founder of Shtudy, Geno Miller, trip to Silicon Valley
The move to Silicon Valley

I’ve been described as a man of few words and many traits, most often humble, dedicated, and a man with an obsessive vision of a ‘simple world’ (and Fiji water) oozing out of his pores.

Shtudy and far more

As a way to create more value, I launched Shtudy. If you and your company want to increase innovation and revenue by building a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture, I’d love to talk about partnering with you.

We have a pool of pre-vetted, trained, and qualified tech engineers of color who are hungry for their next career opportunity. we can connect you, and help you achieve your diversity hiring goals. Please click on this link to find out if our services are suitable for your company. You can also read my Blogs Here.

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